Ensemble Logical Modeling Facilitated Workshop Training

Analyze, discuss, contemplate, & present enterprise business models that are capable of capturing the enterprise-wide, integrated, agile, business model requirements.


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Data Modeling

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About Ensemble Logical Modeling

Enterprise Integration Platforms, such as the Enterprise Data Warehouse, store integrated data in a common database. The features of this common target schema typically include:

a) enterprise-wide scope,

b) auditable data,

c) data sourced from several source systems,

d) a conformed, common view of the enterprise data,

e) be flexible enough to accommodate perpetual change, and also most commonly

f) persisted/historized data


Modeling the Enterprise Data Model

Since source systems are based on functional or departmental data models, no source systems can speak to the common model for the enterprise. For this reason, the Enterprise Data Model that determines how data will be integrated, must be based on a common model with an enterprise-wide scope. The design of this model can only come from the business (versus technical) representatives of the organization.


Ensemble Logical Model (ELM)

The Ensemble Logical Model is an enterprise business model that is capable of capturing the enterprise-wide, integrated, agile, business model requirements. The ELM model is created by the business representatives of the organization through interactive modeling workshops. These are facilitated Ensemble Logical Modeling sessions.


The ELM workshop

The ELM workshop is an interactive, facilitated, business-driven design session. It depends on the active participation of all attending business representatives.

This is not a technical session; no computers, only people, white boards & Post-it notes involved.

During the workshop, participants work together on identifying the Core Business Concepts (CBCs) of the organization and the Natural Business Relationships (NBRs) that associate the concepts.



Business Area Representatives, Business Analysts, Enterprise Data Modelers, Analytics Professionals, Data Scientists, Enterprise Architects, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, & all who use & leverage organizational data



The ELM workshop is a highly interactive session that depends on active participation. Allow for small groups to form and collaborate, allow for debate and discussion, allow time to contemplate, and ask business representatives to present their models.


Day 1 / AM

Business Data Modeling Meaning & Semantics.

Conceptual, Logical & Ensemble Modeling.

Data Warehousing and the Enterprise Integration Initiatives.

Business-Driven Modeling.

Agility, Historization, Semantic Gap & Data Architecture.

Fundamentals of Unified Decomposition, Ensemble & ELM.

Core Business Concepts (CBC) & Natural Business Relationships (NBR).

ELM Workshop agenda, tools & artifacts.

Day 1 / PM

ELM Modeling Workshop Case 1 Exercise.

Complete first ELM model. Present and Discuss each Group ELM Model.

Details on CBC Worksheets and NBR. Facilitator, Scribe & Note Taker roles.

ELM Modeling Workshop Case 2 Exercise.

Complete ELM model & first CBC Worksheets with NBR.

Present and Discuss each Group ELM Model and CBC Worksheets.


Day 2 / AM

Ensemble Modeling of Unique, Specific, Natural Business Relationships (Unit of Work).

Common NBR Design Patterns.

Keyed-Instance Considerations. Abstraction/Generalization.


Unique Identities.

Moving to Ensemble Modeling Patterns (EMP). Individual Exercises.


Day 2 / PM

Final ELM Modeling Workshop Case / Putting it all Together.

Complete Final ELM.

Present and Discuss each Group ELM Model, CBC Worksheets, NBR, and Attribution.

Discuss Roles: Facilitator, Scribe & Note Taker.

Final Topics and Q&A.

Our training courses are concuted by experienced teachers who have earned their spurs in advisory practice.


  • Hans P. Hultgren
  • Remco Broekmans



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