Data Science in R Essentials


The aim of this course is to learn the basic concepts of Data Analysis in R.

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2 days online
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Data Science & Big Data
Data & Analytics Tools

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General information

The goal of this introductory course is to teach how to use R for Data Science while especially focusing on novel R packages (e.g., tidyverse) that improve the performance and ease of use compared to base R.

The complete course is taught in an interactive way to enable the participants to explore the various methods and procedures right away. Furthermore, every section will be followed by a set of exercises. The course is completely documented; this makes taking notes during the course obsolete and enables participants to fully focus on practicing the methods in R.

Results after the training:
The participants receive an overview and a systematic introduction to the usage of R and its packages for Data Science. Many exercises will help deepen the knowledge conveyed during the course.

Target group
This course is aimed at all users who would like to use R for Data Science and who have little to no experience in R. This course is also suitable for users whose R experience dates back several years and who would like to catch up with the newest packages, features, and improvements that have occurred within the last years.

No R experience is required to participate in this course. However, previous experience in using R or other programming languages as well as basic statistical knowledge is beneficial. This course consists of an explanation of the topics, as well as the presentation of different examples. Multiple training examples are used as exercises to help further in understanding all the topics.

Supplementary courses:
To further deepen the application possibilities for visualization within R, we recommend our course ‘Reporting & Dashboarding in R’.

Further R courses are currently being developed, which will cover the following topics: ‘Advanced visualization in R’, ‘Statistics in R Essentials”, ‘Statistics in R Advanced’ and ‘Machine Learning in R’. Please contact us if you are especially interested in a specific topic.


The course starts by guiding the user through the installation of R and RStudio (an advanced R IDE) as well demonstrating their usage. This is followed by a systematic introduction to the R syntax and the use of several packages from the tidyverse group that facilitate data management, data manipulation and visualization. Simple statistical procedures and their implementation in R will also be introduced. The course concludes by providing an outlook on the use of R for creating dashboards (shiny) or reports (markdown).

The following topics will be covered:

  • Installaation of R and RStudio (an IDE for R)
  • Introduction to the features and usage of RStudio
  • Basics of the R Syntax (base)
  • Solving problems by using the help function and internet search
  • Introduction to the Data Science workflow using the package tidyverse:
    • Data management and data cleaning using readr, tibble and tidyr
    • Data manipulation using dplyr
    • Graphical data exploration using ggplot2 (e.g., histograms, lineplots, scatterplots, boxplots)
    • Adjustment of Plots and multi-polts using ggplot2
  • Simple statistical methods (linear regressiona, Student’s T-Tests, ANOVA)
  • Dashboarding using shiny and reporting using markdown


Our courses are conducted by experienced teachers from our partner organization StatSoft, who have gained experience in consultancy practice.


Statsoft Europe specializes in Advanced Data Science and provides a wide range of training courses via connecteddatagroup. The range’s from Statica training courses to advanced Data Science programs tailored to your needs.

Data Science in R is a complete StatSoft training program, lessons and course material are owned by StatSoft GmbH

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