Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) – DAMA DMBoK2

 Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) – DAMA-DMBoK2

DAMA-DMBoK2 is the international industry standard for data management and governance. The framework of processes, techniques, and methods gives insight, direction, and guidance to set up data management from strategic to operational level, and links to the current way of working within an organization.

The 3-day training will cover all aspects of the framework and you will learn how to apply the framework to your own (customer) organization. At the same time, you are prepared for DAMA International’s globally recognized, independent Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) exam.

Connected Data Academy is a selected partner of DAMA Nederland (DAMA NL, www.dama-nl.org) for individual CDMP certification and for proctoring the classroom CDMP certification.

3 days + online exam (2 hours)

€ 2.450 excl. VAT, incl. exam costs plus book 


Management & Governance

Nov 24, 28 + Dec 1 and 22 ’22
Jan. 30, 31, Feb. 6 + Mar. 9 ’23
Mar. 20. 21, 27 + Apr. 25 ’23
Jun. 5, 6, 12 + Jul. 6 ’23
Sep. 4, 5, 11 + Oct. 10 ’23
Nov. 6, 7, 13 + Dec. 12 ’23

From 5 participants we can provide the CDMP in-house training. Made-to-measure.

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The purpose of this training is to gain a current, conceptual, and practical insight into the design and content of DAMA-DMBoK2, which allows you to control the ever-increasing amount of data, information requests, and regulations concerning the management and use of data.

Your results afterward:

  • You understand the value of Data  – “Data as an Asset”
  • You have insight into the business-case around Data Governance
  • You can position Data Governance and Data Management
  • Your are are familiar with the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK2) framework for Data Management
  • You are familiar with the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK2) framework for Data Management
  • You are familiar with different methods of data management
  • You have knowledge of the different data management disciplines and their interrelationship
  • You have knowledge of the different data management disciplines and their interrelationship
  • You can place the meaning of data in the broadest sense of the word
  • You are aware of the different professional perspectives
  • Data management pitfalls can be found and solution directions within organizations
  • You know which aspects are or are not applicable/important to your organizations
  • You know how to use data as a stable and consistent strategic tool
  • You can create a functional framework for effective data management
  • You’ve made a start to an action/project plan at the individual and/or organizational level
  • You are prepared for the CDMP Data Management Fundamentals exam

Target group
This training is very accessible to anyone who wants to specialize in the world of data & data management and focuses primarily on those involved in the development and/or transformation into a data-driven organization.
– IT professionals
– Data and Information managers
– Data Governance managers
– Knowledge workers
and others that aim for reliable and consistent methods of data management

The training covers all disciplines identified by the international standard DAMA-DMBoK2. The necessary knowledge is enriched with relevant and appealing (customer) cases from the daily practice and includes examples from the Telecom, (Smart) Government, Healthcare, Finance, and Industry fields.

Every so called Knowledge Area is closed with a practice assignment and there is plenty of room for interactivity and sharing your own questions and insights.

The transfer of knowledge takes place through presentations, use cases, individual exercises, teamwork, and discussions. The required materials will be provided to the participants during the training:

  • Connected Data Academy slides (.pdf)
  • DAMA DMBOK book (press 2)
  • Good practices
  • Reading list: Books, Articles, Whitepapers etc.


The training has been developed by Data Management professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience with the international standard DAMA-DMBOK2, including the new Topics ‘Data Management process’, ‘Data Ethics’ and ‘Big Data’.
The prioritization of subjects is related to the CDMP exam:

  • Data Management & – process – 2%
  • Data Governance – 11%
  • Data Architecture – 6%
  • Metadata Management – 11%
  • Reference and master data – 10%
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence – 10%
  • Data Modeling & Design – 11%
  • Data quality – 11%
  • Data integration and interoperability – 6%
  • Data storage and operations – 6%
  • Document & Content Management – 6%
  • Big Data & Data Science – 2%
  • Data security – 6%
  • Data privacy and ethics – 2%

Day 1

  • Data management and relation to DAMA-DMBOK2
  • The role of Data Governance
  • Background of the DMBOK framework
  • The new (strategic) role of data: ‘Data as an asset’
  • Context diagrams plus implementation action plans
  • Data Management (planning)
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture

Day 2

  • Metadata
  • Reference & Master Data
  • Data Warehousing (DWH) & Busines Intelligence (BI)
  • Data Modeling & Design
  • Data Quality
  • Data Integration & Interoperability
  • Data Storage & Operations
  • Data Security

Day 3

  • Document & Content Management,
  • Big Data & Data Science,
  • Data Privacy & Ethics
  • Introduction and application DAMA Data Management Maturity Model
  • Maturity and skills development
  • Develop and maintain Data strategies
  • Data Management organizational and role expectations
  • Data Management en Organizational Change Management


The training is conducted by experienced trainers who, in addition to the theoretical basis, have earned their mark in the consultancy practice and are still involved in numerous data projects daily:

– Erik Fransen – Board Member DAMA NL, CDMP Practitioner
– Ferry Eijgel – CDMP Practitioner

Exam & Certification

After completing the training, we will arrange your registration for the DAMA International certification exam. The CDMP Fundamentals exam consists of 11 Knowledge areas and 3 Topics which are part of the exam to a different degree.

The English open book exam is developed by DAMA International. The exam will test your knowledge of the latest version of the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBoK2), as well as the Topics of Data Management process, Data Ethics, and Big Data.

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and must be completed within 90 minutes. The minimum score to pass is 60%. If English is not your native language, you will get 20 minutes extra time. In preparation, practice exams are made available which can be used indefinitely until the exam.

Badges & Certificates
If you pass the exam with a score of at least 60%, you will automatically receive an Associate Badge and Certificate.

If you reach a score of more than 70%, you can get into the notifications for CDMP-Practitioner status. In addition to 2-10 years of ‘Industry Experience’, practitioners have also passed 2 specialist exams with a score of at least 70%.

To get CDMP-Master you need a score of at least 80% for both the Data Management Fundamentals exam and 2 specialist exams. In addition, a minimum of 10 years of experience is required.

Specialist exams
The following specialist exams are currently available:
– Data modeling and design
– Metadata
– Data quality
– Data management
– Data warehousing & Business Intelligence
– Reference and master data management
– Data integration and interoperability

The following specialization is in preparation:
– Data Architecture

If the result is unsatisfactory, or if a higher result is desired, a re-examination can be requested. A re-examination costs Euro 200 (Excluding VAT) and can be scheduled immediately in consultation. A minimum of 48 hours is required between a first attempt and a re-exam.

DAMA International delivers the exams and maintains the status of certified professionals. The Certification is valid for 3 years.


*DAMA-DMBoK2 book The DAMA-DMBoK2 book is provided to the participants during the training and, in conjunction with the training, forms the basis for the preparation for the exam.

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We offer a (made-to-measure) in-company training if there are multiple colleagues with the same learning objectives.